Every homeowner with a septic tank must be familiar with the process about the use of the system, particularly how it is opened. You want to be sure that everyone in your family knows the safety precautions surrounding the septic system. Below are some safety tips that you must follow.   

1. Install a durable septic tank cover and mark where it is.   

Cover the septic tank outlet with the sturdiest lid possible. For the kids’ safety, it shouldn’t be easily lifted off. If you’re unsure of the septic tank’s exact placement, hire a professional to help you out. Let them find where the septic system is using the blueprint of your home.    

2. Do not lean over tank opening   

Never lean over a septic tank’s opening. The gasses inside can wipe you unconscious and you may slip in it, which is catastrophic. If somebody is working on the septic tank, don’t try to be nosy. The professionals are protected with safety gears and you are not.   

3. Don’t spark fires near the septic tank.   

Methane gas created by the septic tank’s contents is explosive. Hold off brush fires and don’t even smoke near the tank. Don’t risk burning your house down just because of this insight. Tell everybody else if the septic tank is open and smoking is not allowed in the property.   

4. Stay vigilant to electrical shock and wiring hazards.   

When digging outside, look out for mechanical lines and electrical wires that are not uncovered. Cutting these lines near the septic system is harmful. If you must fix any of them, it’s better to call the professionals so they can do it safely.   

Sharing ideas and knowledge of septic systems is something that professionals do. Nonetheless, often there are a lot of misconceptions about how to best care for septic systems. For starters, a lot of people think that repairing is cheaper than septic pumping.  

Septic Pumping Facts  

While pumping a septic system can cost significantly every three to five years, it is certainly cheaper than any repair that may come from not pumping your septic system properly. Your septic system can fail due to a lack of pumping and maintenance. You may be charged for septic tank maintenance that’s worth a few thousands of dollars. This is something that you could have avoided if you simply pumped it out once every 3-5 years.   

Another misconception is constructing on top of a septic tank. Some people think it’s okay if it’s not a permanent structure. But doing this will cause many problems. A common problem when building over the system tank is not accessing the tank to pump it out, which could cause much frustration and mess when dealing with an emergency or backup.   

Building on top of your drain field, can cause your drain field to fail due to lack of oxygen going into the ground, which helps your drain field treat the tank’s wastewater naturally. Building or driving on top of septic systems can cause some major problems, so relocating anything heavy and obtrusive is best.